December 20, 2008

Impending Collapse of American Government Calls for New Constitutional Convention

By Alex S. Gabor


According to Bill Walker, the state of Ohio legislature has a Article V Convention application before it on the amendment issue of balanced budget.

According to the Congressional Record this would be the 38th state to request an application with the amendment subject of balanced budget.

This would be four states over the minimum necessary to compel Congress to call an Article V Convention on this issue alone.

According to the latest reports, 14 state representatives sponsored the BILL HJR 8.

These legislators had a committee vote scheduled for last week, December 10, 2008 but withdrew the legislation before the vote. The reason for the withdrawal, according to some reports, is because of opposition from extremist groups.

If passed, this would be the second application for a convention this year. Louisiana applied for a convention call earlier this year.

"However, because Friends Of the Article V Convention (FOAVC) did manage to contact these legislatures before the vote and inform them that a sufficient number of states have already applied for a convention to cause a call, it may be they withdrew the BILL simply because they realized they had already achieved their goal and are deciding what to do next", said FOAVC Co-Founder Bill Walker.

He is asking all members of FOAVC to contact these members of the Ohio state legislature and urge them to continue to push forward their efforts to make Congress an Article V Convention.

He is also asking you also contact anyone you know who favors FOAVC's position and contact the following legislators on the issue at hand -a National Credit Crisis which threatens the national security of the United States Constitution.

The names and email address of the representatives are below:

FOAVC has been attempting to correct misinformation about an Article V Convention wherever it exists.

This includes official government misinformation. including a corrected article written by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and published in its book, "The United States Constitution: Interpretation and Analysis."

Many people who oppose an Article V Convention use the misinformation published by the CRS as the basis of their arguments.

FOAVC is currently attempting to have CRS correct this article and has presented this material to them. As of this date they have received no word from them.
One of FOAVC's goals is to encourage as much discussion about an Article V Convention as possible. In recent days as more and more questions arise about questionable constitutional (or rather unconstitutional) actions on the part of the government in nationalizing various parts of the banking industry, more and more people are seeking answers about the Constitution and discussing an Article V Convention.

One site that has specifically raised the question of an Article V Convention for the purpose of discussion is at

Joel Hirschhorn, FOAVC co-founder, and popular writer at Associated Content has begun the discussion there.

Here are some notable quotes surrounding the issue published at the FOAVC web site: